Run & Gun

Session 2 - Three Way Fuckery

Mafia + Yakuza + Lonestar = Shadowrun

Session 2: 10/25/13
Mission 2: Three Way Fuckery
Shadowrunners: Arsenal, Superbat, Bullhorn, Autumn Rose

Mission Summary:
Nicky Finnigan was framed for the hacking of a local company named Molycom, and the murder of two Molycom employees. Nicky was being held by Lonestar, and the runners were hired by “Bricktop” Finnigan to find out who’s responsible and send them a message; with a bonus for getting Nicky off the hook.

The runners started gathering data, and eventually learned that the Yakuza were responsible for the crime against Molycom, and the framing of Nicky. It also appeared that Lonestar had covered up the crime scene. The information led to Mako Tattoo’s downtown, a known Yakuza front led by “Mako” Shigeda, of the newly formed Kanaga-Gumi.

Mako learned of the runner’s investigation and revealed that the Yakuza were being extorted by Lonestar. They needed to frame the Mafia publically in order to maintain any leverage over Lonestar, but they wanted to change that situation. Mako counter-offered a substantial sum for the runners to break into the Lonestar precinct, destroy the evidence against the Yakuza, and silence Nicky forever.

Hundreds of bullets, severed body parts, and a large explosion later… Mako was dead, Mako’s tattoo’s was destroyed, and the runners escaped. A tip-off to Knight Errant left Lonestar in a difficult situation, and Lonestar Major Rowes held a press conference the next day releasing Nicky Finnigan and publically stating that they would be devoting their resources to fighting the Yakuza menace.

Payment per runner:
$6,000 for the Information
$3,000 for the message
$3,000 for getting Nicky off the hook
$2,000 Bonus for getting Lonestar off the Mafia, and the list of Yakuza contacts
4 Karma


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