Run & Gun

Session 3 - Meet the Players

Welcome to the Big Leagues

Session 3: 11/1/13
Mission 3: Meet the Players
Shadowrunners: Arsenal, Superbat, Bullhorn, Shotgun Carter

Mission Summary:
The runners were contacted by an anonymous fixer on some throwaway SIN’s, and told to meet on the rooftop of the 30 story Yojirushi building at precisely 7:30PM the next night. After a brief get-together and introductions in a bar, they decided to set up a tour of the Yojirushi building with Brackhaven Investments, the owner. They met the next afternoon with Samantha Meyers, a Senior Broker for Brackhaven Investments, and got a tour of the facility with special interest in the Luxury Suite floors near the top.

At precisely 7:30PM, the runners exited the freight elevator filled with their best equipment onto the windy roof of the building. A commlink call introduced them to “The Psion”, an unknown Johnson with the icon of an old Matrix MMO boss. The mission was simple: Extract Avery Parker (a newly hired Arcanoarcheoloist) from a banquet on the 28th floor of the nearby Horizon Splendor building, in exactly 15 minutes.

The pressure was on, and the the Horizon building security lit up instantly. Within a minute of the initial engagement there were large-scale car accidents, nearly a dozen of casualties, hundreds injured, and drones raining from the sky. In an extremely impressive display of luck, stealth, and brute force, the team escaped with Avery virtually untouched.

Minutes later after escaping with Avery, he revealed that he was the Johnson that set up the extraction; and requested to use a commlink to make a few calls. Parker had escaped with valuable data that he intended to sell on the open market, but it was clear he had no good plan on how to go about doing that. He proceeded to call various corporation Bigwigs with no success, finally getting a meet set up with NeoNET representative (and head of Matrix Security) Russel Thomas, AKA Avatar.

The meet went relatively smoothly. Mr. Thomas was very interested in the data that Parker held, and quickly realized that Parker had a powerful Cortex Bomb installed set to vaporize the data if it was tampered with. They agreed to meet in a few hours for the money/data transfer at the Nikko Hotel downtown. Immediately after the meet, Parker attempted to contact another company to see if he could get a higher offer – but was knocked unconscious by the Shadowrunning team for obviously putting them at huge risk.

The Runner team was contacted by the Matrix Johnson Patriot, who for the first time in any records was not dealing through an agent program. Patriot revealed that he had initially hired Parker to infiltrate Horizon and access this data, and would pay the runners his agreed sum if they delivered him. He also mentioned that Avatar was most likely setting a trap for them, Horizon was hot on their trail, and a Renraku operative was currently tailing the Horizon team. The runners agreed to his offer, and with some clever Astral/Matrix diversions managed to lure the Horizon team directly into the NeoNET ambush; causing the complete destruction of the Nikko hotel block and likely a major corporate coverup.

Heading to the final drop location deep in the slums of Redmond, the team encountered their final obstacle. The lone Renraku operative Chow Ming Lee, of the elite Red Samurai unit had found them. He offered a final deal, which was recieved with a hail of gunfire that earned his respect and forced him to retreat. The runners took their payment from unmarked credsticks left by Patriot and loaded Parker into the awaiting helicopter, which flew off into the direction of the ocean.

Payment per runner:
$37,500 for the successful delivery of Parker Avery (Parker’s original payment of $150,000 split 4 ways.)
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