Run & Gun

Session 4 - Crazy Train

How bad can it really get?

Session 4: 11/8/13
Mission 4: Crazy Train
Shadowrunners: Arsenal, Superbat, Bullhorn, Shotgun Carter, Autumn Rose

Mission Summary:
The runners met with another Agent of the Matrix Johnson Patriot at the Northwest Hyper-Rail station in downtown Seattle core, in VR as always. The agent described the run in detail. It involved gaining both physical and matrix control of a specific Hyper-Rail train headed from Portland to Vancouver, picking up “The Package” from another team waiting at the Aztechnology HQ stop in Olympia (SSC), making it past the security checkpoint at the Everett Marina, and then delivering “The Package” to Vancouver at the end of the line. They were given access to a powerful Jammer that would shut off communications to the train during their initial engagement.

Most of the runners headed to Portland to board the train as passengers, while an unnamed runner stayed behind in Salish territory to enter the train mid-run with additional firepower. Unknown to the runners, also on board the train were a group of Triads escorting a shipment of high grade Bioware to the Everett Marina. The mission went as planned… for about 6 seconds. Prior to the pickup of “The Package”, an explosion caused by the lone runner detonated the rear security compartment of the train, immediately neutralizing most of the rear security but also virtually guaranteeing failure at the subsequent security checkpoints.

The ensuing chaos left all the Triads, and most of the train security dead or disabled; and around 30 civilian passengers confused and terrified. Although the unnamed runner escaped the train somewhere in the SSC off I-5, the remaining runners attempted to salvage the mission. The team at the Olympia checkpoint made contact with the runaway train, and told the runners they were still going to deliver the package on schedule, but the situation had gotten extremely hot. The train team permanently disabled the train braking system, and the package was delivered by the Olympia team under heavy Aztechnology fire via extremely violent, high speed cargo rail while the train screamed through the checkpoint.

Minutes later, a Docwagon VTOL craft made contact with the train and extracted the remaining runner team, along with the Triad crate, a lone member of train security, and a Docwagon client; leaving the surviving civilians and guards to their fate. It delivered the runners safely to a field in Puyallup, Seattle, where they watched the aftermath of the event via news feed.

The train proceeded to tear through downtown Seattle, the Everett Marina station, and all of the associated security checkpoints on the way North. Due to the speed in which it changed security jurisdictions, no single force was able to respond in time, and it tore straight off the end of the line into the Univeral Omnitech HQ in Vancouver to deliver “The Package”. Less than a half hour after the runners were dropped off in the field, there was a bright flash of light off the horizon to the North, followed by a massive cloud and a tremendous wave of stale hot air.

A low yield nuclear event had taken place, and wiped out the Universal Omnitech HQ campus and surrounding area. Lonestar has captured the rogue Docwagon agent and has charged him with “Aiding in an International Terrorist Event”.

Payment per runner:
$15,000 for successful delivery of “The Package” to the Universal Omnitech HQ in Vancouver
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