Run & Gun

Session 5 - Breaking Out Doc


Session 5: 11/15/13
Shadowrunners: Arsenal, Superbat, Bullhorn, Shotgun Carter, Autumn Rose

Mission Summary:
Immediately after the train incident and the resulting destruction of the Universal Omnitech HQ, a Docwagon employee named Dr. Robert Samson was arrested by Lonestar and charged with International Terrorism. Docwagon publically stated that a VTOL aircraft had gone missing from their records during the attack, and disavowed any knowledge of the incident.

The news feeds seemed to put most of the heat on Aztechnology, a known rival of Universal Omnitech, due to a simultaneous incident at their facility in Olympia where the train passed. Dozens of amateur trids appeared on the Matrix of the train attack from commuters on I-5. When pieced together they show a man in full body armor leap a motorcycle off the freeway onto the train, blow up the roof of the rear car, and then parachute off it minutes later.

Arsenal sent out the call for help a few days after the bombing of Universal Omnitech. The mission was simple: Free Doc from Lonestar. After some public posturing from Deke Winslow, the President of the Seattle division of Lone Star Security Services, it was leaked that Lonestar had an airdock at the Seattle airport cleared out for the following night, and they would be transporting the prisoner.

The runners determined the route the caravan would take and set up an ambush. The next night the plan went off without a hitch and the Lonestar team was completely outmatched. Although leaving a city block in ruins, Doc was saved and the team escaped. Doc was dropped off with Bricktop’s men and put into a Mafia run safehouse as planned. It was almost too easy.

Later that night, immediately following a press conference announcing the creation of Roland Universal, breaking news live feeds showed a large Lonestar security team breaking into an expensive house somewhere deep in the back woods of Renton. Over the next day it was revealed that they had captured a man named Jack Slater, and had airtight proof that he was armored man on the train, and was also linked to other recent high profile events such as the explosions at a Tattoo parlor and Hotel Nikko in the downtown international district.

Lone Star Security Services had captured the true culprit, and Seattle was safe once more.

Payment per runner:
$0 Nuyen
11 Karma for self imposing a suicide mission to repay a friend, with no civilian casualties


Cidwin Cidwin

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