Isabelle Nolle

"Where were we? Oh, you were just letting me into your boss's office."



Positive Qualities
Exceptional Attribute (Magic), Mentor Spirit (Cat), Dependents (Cats Rank 1)

Undesired Qualities
Unlucky, Insomniac (Rank 1)

Isabelle’s Skills
Individual Groups
Alchemy (Healing) 6
Spellcasting(Illusion) 6
Summoning 6
Assensing 6
Conterspelling 6
Ritual Casting 1
Stealth (Cat) 1
Negotiation 1
Intimidate 1
Con 1
Etiquette 1
Arcana 1
Isabelle’s Knowledge
Knowledge Languages
Paracritters 3 English N
Corporate Politics 3 French 2
Black Market 2 Chinese 1
Pet Care for Cats 1 Japanese 1
Spanish 1
Isabelle’s Spells and Formula
(S) – Spells ; (A) – Alchemical Formula ;® – Rituals
Spells School Type
Manabolt Combat S
Heal Healing A,S
Increase Reflexes Healing A,S
Chaotic World Illusion S
Improved Invisibility Illusion A,S
Physical Mask Illusion S
Trid Phantasm Illusion S
Control Thoughts Manipulation S
Mob Mind Manipulation S
Physical Barrier Manipulation S
Initiation Powers: Level 3
Flexible Signature
Isabelle’s Contacts
Samantha Meyers Brackhaven Investments Property Spec (4/3)
Drake Arrons Horizon Corporate Info Spec (3/4)
Roselyn Cepeda Aztechnology Corporate Foci Spec (2/2)
Grinder Red Hot Nukes Leader Explosives Spec (4/2)
Bricktop Finnigan Mafia Boss SINs / Safehouse Spec (5/1)
Isabelle’s Loadout
Guns Armor
Defiance EX Taser Armored Vest
Chameleon Suit
Ford Americar 1
Metalinks 3 Glasses (Capacity 1)
Trodes — Image Link
Earbuds (Capacity 3)
— Audio Enhancers (Rank 3)
Other Gear Chemicals / Drugs
Stimpatch (Rank 4) 4
Jazz 2
Longhaul 3
Psyche 5
Rank 4 Elizabeth Comstock Mid Lifestyle, Licensed Mage, Foci
Rank 4 Anna Dewitt Licensed Marriage Councilor, Chameleon Suit
Rank 2 Leelou Dallas Low Lifestyle
Rank 1 Fredrick Trout
Rank 1 Philandreah Imbawae
—Mid Life Tacoma (Near Tacoma Mall) (Workspace/R6 Lodge) 6,500 month
—Low Life Redmond Barrens (Touristville) (Cozy/Hard to Find/Highsecurity:Gangs) 2,600 Month

Before crash 2.0, Isabelle had a nice corporate life in one of the smaller companies. She had everything she wanted in a nice compact life. After the crash, her company went bankrupt and with her SIN deleted during the crash, she had nothing. Living in the slums for the first two years she used her powers to survive and find food. After meeting back up with some of her old contacts, they were able to better direct her skills from being a PR assistant to something worth far more money, a runner. Her unlucky nature has kept her winnings small and modest, just keeping her afloat for these years. She has turned her attention to the many cats she keeps around her house, causing her drone and food bills to be much higher than they should, as they are how she talks to her mentor spirit.

Isabelle Nolle

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