Character Creation

New Characters:
1. Normal build rules apply per the book and anything noted in the House Rules section.

  • Post Character Generation Karma and Nuyen will be granted at 80% of the current mission total payout.
  • Rating limit of 16 for the POST character generation Nuyen only (Representing contacts, etc…)
  • Training time will be granted at 100% of the current mission timeline for spending Post character generation Karma and Nuyen.

2. I’ll need a few sentences with backstory, but just enough to get me started with the feel of the character.

  • Spend enough effort on this to develop the character, but I don’t need specifics or novels.
  • I will need a list of your contacts. I don’t need them fleshed out, but I need names, occupations, and Connection/Loyalty ratings.

Character Creation

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