“So you’re here for the upgrades?” said the middle aged man in the lab coat. " Have you got your signed wavers absolving any responsibility Doc Wagon has if anything goes wrong with the surgery? Good, looks like they have you signed up for a pretty good package new eyes, muscles, even some bioware. You must have tested well for them to clear you for this stuff."

“Well, they said I did.” The young elf sitting on the table looked nervous as he sent his signed documents over.

“Don’t worry too much, none of these are too bad and I have done these surgeries a hundred times. Working here I have become intimately familiar in cyber and bioware. This the first enhancements you had?”

“Yeah, can you tell I am not sure about this but they offered to pay for it and even give me a raise if I would be willing to go under the knife.”

“That’s how they get you. Throw money at you till you cant refuse. Well I am gonna give an you an anesthetic so lay back.”

“Wait, I’d like to at least know your name before you work on me.”

“Dr. Robert Samson, but you can just call me Doc, everybody else does. Seems like a stupid nickname working here but I guess it’s easy for the dumb ones to remember. Now relax son everything is gonna be fine.”


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