System Identification Numbers (SINs)

The foundation of an identity in the Sixth World is the System Identification Number (SIN). If someone wanted to divide the world into two groups of people, it could be done by saying there are those who have a SIN and those who don’t.

That is, if you even consider the SINless to be “people,” which some don’t. Modern society in 2075 produces a staggering amount of information every second of every day: where you are, what you buy, and what you do. With the system producing all of these pieces of information, there needs to be an easy way to store, track, and correlate it. All of that information needs to be associated with a person somehow.

That’s where the SIN comes in. A SIN is issued to a person at birth, and stays with them (baring exceptional circumstances) for the rest of their life. A SIN identifies a person in the global information system and is attached to every piece of information associated with them in the Matrix.

No aspect of modern or legal life can function without a SIN. Those who don’t have one can’t get a job, can’t buy food, can’t even walk down the street. To the system, these people don’t exist.

Fake SINs: They matter, a lot. I’d recommend having multiple and expecting them to get burned.

  • Lifestyles must be registered under a SIN (Real or fake) with a minimum required rating.
  • SIN Prices are under the same restrictions from contacts, meaning a SIN Dealer contact isn’t a bad idea.
  • Fake license rules/costs have not changed
SIN Rank Description Cost Lead Time Maximum Lifestyle Allowed
Real Exact Physical / Real Bio / Real History Disadvantage N/A Any
Rank 1 GM Random Choice / No Bio / No History 1,000 Overnight Squatter
Rank 2 Same Race/Sex / No Bio / No History 4,000 1 Week Low
Rank 3 Close Physical / No Bio / No History 9,000 2 Weeks Medium
Rank 4 Exact Physical / No Bio / Some History + 1 License 16,000 3 Weeks High
Rank 5 Exact Physical / Fake Bio / Detailed History + 2 Licenses 25,000 4 Weeks Luxury
Rank 6 Exact Physical / Exact Bio / Detailed History + 3 Licenses 36,000 5 Weeks Any

System Identification Numbers (SINs)

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