Autumn Rose

"You claim your Security is uncrackable. Wanna bet?"


Criminal Profile

Autumn rose id card

Physical Profile
Black hair, blue eyes, slight build. Catlike. Natural athlete.

Psychosocial Profile
First Impression, Moderate Gambling Addiction, Criminal SIN, Bias against Physical Adepts

Active Skillsets

Intrusion Confidence Games
Stealth, Disguise, Palming 5 Con, Impersonation, Performance 5
Lockpicking (Maglocks) 6 Negotiation 4
Escape Artist 4 Etiquette (Street, Corporate) 5
Hardware (Alarms) 5
Perception (Hearing) 4 Assault and Battery
Gymnastics 5 Unarmed 4
Running 1 Pistols 4
Computers 2 Pilot: Ground Vehicles 1


Interests and Knowledge Languages
Interest: Seattle Gambling Parlors 2 English N
Interest: Mahjong Strategy 1 Chinese 4
Profession: Security Countermeasures 6
Profession: Police Procedure 3
Street: Seattle Street Gang Politics 1
Street: Triad Politics 1

Known Associates

Name Known Connections Connection Loyalty
Lin Zhou Deceased 88 Red Pole and Father 5 5
Moira Flynn Witsec: whereabouts unknown Mother 1 3
Galina “Red” Reznikov Former Cell Mate / Fence with Seattle Vory ties 3 4
“Nefzi” Freelance Decker / SIN Counterfeiter 3 3
“Big Chow” Sing Triad Muscle / Mahjong Parlor Pit Boss 2 2
“Bricktop” Finnegan Mafia / SIN Counterfeiter 5 4
“Doc” Samson Former Doc Wagon Physician 2 2
Jimmy Mac Finnegan Mafia Capo / Connections 7 2


Augmentation Rating Ess
Cyber Eyes Standard 2 0.3ess
— Themographic
— Low Light
— Flare Compensation
— Smart Link
Muscle Replacement Alphaware 1 0.8ess
Voice Modulator Standard 2 0.2ess
Reaction Enhancers Standard 3 0.9ess
Cyberweapon Shock Hand Betaware 0.175ess
Tailored Pheromones Standard Bioware 2 0.4ess


Armor Weaponry
Chameleon Suit 9 Armored Vest 12 Ares Light Fire 70 (Smartlink)
— Nonconductivity 5 — Concealable Holster
— Thermal Damping 2 — Silencer
— Chemical Protection 2 — 27 Standard rounds
— Electrochromic Modification — 100 APDS rounds
Electronics B&E
Contacts Earbuds Sequencer 5
—Visual Enhancement 2 —Audio Enhancement 2 Keycard Copier 6
— Audiolink Gecko Tape Gloves
3x Metal Restraints
Transys Avalon Commlink 6
Renraku Sensei Commlink 3
3x Metalink Commlink 1
3x Thermal Smoke Grenades Flash Pak


2072 Royal Purple Suzuki Mirage with a manual drive. Plate #156BF90. Registered to Rachael Bridges.


Rachael Bridges – Fake SIN: Rating 4
- Proof of MVA requiring major surgery
- License to Carry a Firearm
- License for Implanted Shock Glove
- License to drive
- Licensed Security Consultant

Theresa Shen – Fake SIN: Rating 3
- License to carry a firearm
- Proof of MVA requiring major surgery
- Licensed Courier
- Licensed Legal Counsel

Emporio Ivanov – Fake SIN: Rating 1
- Professional Temp

Coraline Littlefoot – Fake SIN: Rating 1
- Environmental Management

Life Style

Low Lifestyle – Kim Flynn (Criminal SIN)
Low Lifestyle (Hard to Find) – Rachael Bridges (Rating 4 Fake SIN)

Karma Left: 30


The illegitimate daughter of an 88 triad Red Pole and a gweilo cocktail waitress, Kimberly Flynn’s descent into a life of crime was inevitable. Her career was cut short, however, when she fell from a 5th story window during a job, shattering her spine. A month into her recovery, one of her “friends” sold her out for a reduced sentence, landing her a 6 year stint at a Seattle Correctional Facility.

During her time in prison, Flynn was a model inmate. She didn’t make waves and seemed to get along with everyone. However, triad politics being what they are, the murder of her father 4 years into her sentence required her transfer into protective custody. Her mother, seeking sanctuary, turned state’s evidence in the wake of the shakeup.

Since her release from prison, Flynn has fallen into old habits, running under the name Autumn Rose. Prison has taught her a number of new skills, paramount being how to slide from one social group to the next and leverage these groups to her benefit. Combined with her skill for getting behind locked doors, Autumn Rose has become so much more than the ganger girl nailed with a B&E 6 years previous.

Autumn Rose

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