Jack Slater

"I see thirteen different ways into this building. We're going to hit six of them at the same time."



Amazing Qualities
Ambidextrous, Gearhead, Natural Athlete, Quick Healer

Unique Qualities
Distinctive Style, Moderate Thrill Seeker

How Skilled is Jack Slater?
Individual Groups
Pilot Ground(Wheeled) 8 Athletics 4
Pilot Aircraft 3 Mechanics 1
Perception(Visual) 6 Outdoor 1
Free-fall 5
Escape Artist 1
Stealth 1
Automatics(Sub-machine Guns) 6
Heavy Weapons 1
Exotic Weapon(Grapple Gun) 1
Throwing(Grenades) 3
Arcana 1
How Knowledgeable is Jack Slater?
Conversation Starters Languages
Vehicles 6 English N
Structural Stress 4 Japanese 1
Traffic Patterns 2 Sperethiel 1
Police Procedures 1
Military Armament 1
How Well is Jack Slater at Breaking the Human Barrier?
Adept Powers Rank Cost
Wall Running X 0.5
Vehicle Wall Running X 0.5
Improved Reflexes 3 3.5
Improved Physical Attribute (Reaction) 1 1
Improved Ability (Pilot Ground) 2 1
Combat Sense 1 0.5
Initiation Powers: Level 3
Increased Power Point 2
Adept Centering X
Who is Cool Enough to Know Jack Slater?

“Big Doc” (Mechanic) 2/2
Everett Blake (Knight Errant Street Cop) 3/3

What Kind of Gear is Jack Slater Packing?
Guns Armor
Ares Alpha Full Body Armor w/ Helmet
— Gas Vents 3 — Chem Protection 6
— Shock Pad — Non Conductive 6
— Fire Resistant 6
Ingram Smartgun X 2 Armored Jacket
— Gas Vents 3 Armored Vest
Ammo Grenades
Sub-machine Gun Regular
— Gel Rounds 200 — HE Grenade 4
— Regular Rounds 100 — Flashbang 4
— Thermal Smokebomb 4
Assault Gun — Pepper Bomb 2
— Gel Rounds 50 — Nausea Grenades 2
— Regular Rounds 200
Vehicles — HE Grenades 2
Hyundai Shin-Hyuang 1 — Thermal Smokebomb 2
Suzuki Mirage 1 — Pepper Bomb 2
— Nausea Grenades 2
Metalinks 3 Goggles (Capacity 6)
Fairflight Caliban 1 — Image Link
— Smartlink
Trodes — Thermographic Vision
Area Jammer (Rank 6) 1 — Vision Enhancement (Rank 3)
Medkit (Rank 3) 1
Gasmask 1 Earbuds (Capacity 3)
Respirator (Rank 6) 1 — Audio Enhancers (Rank 3)
Other Gear Chemicals / Drugs
Grapple Gun 1 Stimpatch (Rank 4) 4
Micro Wire Rope (100m) 1 Cram 4
Standard Rope (100m) 1 Longhaul 2
Myomeric Rope (20m) 1
Myomeric Rope (10m) 1
Rappelling Gloves 1
Survivial Kit 1
Rank 4 Jack Slater Home, Licensed Safety Inspector
Rank 3 Aaron Michaels Weapons, Goggles, Licensed Courier
Rank 1 Snoutboil Longtooth
Rank 1 Dagmar Reignsweld
Rank 1 Nadia Portrinko

Motorcycle chase 2
A man who has had such an easy time with anything he does had become bored with most normal work. Quickly getting into trouble and debt by trying to get the biggest thrills from everyday life, he was quickly pointed into the shadowrunning business by a friend in order to profit from his crazy style. Loud and often times overbearing on those around him, the Johnsons quickly learned that he can get nearly any job done, although often leaving a mess behind. Going under the running name, Bullhorn, he has since been refining his runs to look more professional, as the more pleased the Johnson is the better the money, which goes right into new ways to nearly kill himself in this new world.

After an extremely “loud” mission, Jack Slater has found himself on the wrong side of Lone Star and it is now unknown where he is, if even alive.

Jack Slater

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