AR Week 10 - Win some, Lose some

Rose looked at board in front of her. Everything seemed set up to guarantee her a resounding win. She could feel her pulse begin to quicken. Nothing like beating a table full of suckers with someone else’s money. The job had been easy, but the payment for that was earmarked for her bookie. The jewelry she pawned from the press, though, was like a sweet, sweet bonus. And no bookies had a claim to that money, so here she was, at the stereotypically named Red Dragon Mahjong Parlor.

Thinking back, Rose was a little disappointed in how easy it was to get the watch form him. Sure, she had the booze-laden ex-cowboy’s help, but she took the rest of the crew’s bonus with one deft lift. Not that she wasn’t one to turn away easy money.

The newbie to her right was surveying the board, completely unaware of the advantage she had in her tiles; on her next turn, she could take a kong and go mahjong. After a few rough hands, she was due. After he made his play (a poor one), she patiently waited for the rest of the table to play. When her turn came around, she took the kong and her win. Her victory was short lived however, when the tourist asked, “Wait! I read about this. I can play this, right. By making the chow with the piece you took, I can ‘rob the kong’ right? Oh and look, it gives me Mahjong!”

Rose’s jaw dropped. She’d just lost 1200 nuyen to one of the rarest plays in the game. What the hell was with her luck tonight? She stood in disgust from the table to the mocking calls and jeers of the regulars. Losing was bad enough. Losing to a tourist who had read an ARO about ‘expert mahjong strategy’ was too embarrassing to stand. Normally she’d throw good money after bad, but the shame was too much. She needed to call it a night.

The ride home was just as awful. Gridguide seemed to take her past every wageslave who wanted to try out the manual drive on their new Americar. What should have been a 20 minute ride took her the better part of 2 hours. As she parked her car, she began walking to her place in Tacoma. It’d been a while since she’d been on this side of town, and there were street kids to pay for keeping an eye out for the pawns. As she turned a corner, she practically ran over a Lonestar officer in full dress. They collided and both fell to the ground.

“Watch where you’re going, you little…Why if it isn’t Miss Flynn? What are you doing out tonight?” Drek. It was handsome Officer Goodcop. Rose sighed as she snapped the commlink displaying her fake sin in half. Her AR displays immediately shut down. Another 100 nuyen gone.

“Sorry about that officer. I should look where I’m going.” She hoped he didn’t catch her SIN in the short time she had it up.

Officer Goodcop frowned at her when her PAN went linkdead. “Something wrong with your commlink Miss Flynn? You seem to have shut it off?”

Dammit. She showed him the pieces. “Just bad luck I guess, I fell right on it when I ran into you.”

The cowboy looked her up and down, eyes scanning her with suspicion and a little appreciation. Crap.

“It’s funny seeing you here, as we were investigating a recent B&E right around here. And you seem in an awful hurry. Maybe you should come with me.”

Frak it all, this was going to be a long night.

AR Week 10 - Win some, Lose some

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