Isabelle joins the group

It seems I wasn’t the only unlucky one today. My first mission in a good long while and it involves a rare magical artifact, one that I had to destroy today. It makes me wonder if there’s more of these things, in some high ups possession. Speaking of which, it seems like my newest group despite my constant state of luck, turned out pretty decent. I wouldn’t call them a perfect mix, no probably far from it. Sure, they get the mission done… but they have some interesting chemistry as I would call it.

First we have their female face, a younger girl with something to prove it seems. She seems to have some sort of pent up frustration but overall seems to bring some good skills to the group. Loves to takes bets, maybe I’m the sucker for underestimating her pick pocketing skills.

The next, and the largest part of my sorrow is their… hacker I think. He has a bunch of cyberware in his head but I can’t tell exactly, he didn’t hack anything I saw at least. This one is the average run of the mill loser you’d see at many of the cubicles in the corporate ocean, yet somehow he developed enough skills to actually become a runner. As much as I hate to admit it, he actually stayed cool in a very hot situation although how he spend his downtime is questionable at best. Like many others, I may have to give him a little groping of his own before he lets this turn into a professional relationship, not one of his cartoon characters he fantasizes about on foreign TV shows.

I have to admit the leader of the group, their gun guy seems to be everything you’d want in a shadowrunner. He’s calm, dependable and has the brains to understand that guns don’t solve all problems… although they do handle plenty. Him being an elf is a great bonus. He’s the one I actually wouldn’t mind being more “hand on” and doesn’t leave cheese powder on my clothes.

Finally, their magic user is also a fairly regular person. He seems to also have some demons hiding within him, but he keeps them to himself at least. I can only imagine what happened in his life that caused that wrinkles old bitter look to freeze on his face. This does not keep him from doing his job, and I don’t often say this, but it’s nice to have a backup caster in the group. As I would say, you can never have enough magic on hand for a run.

Overall not bad for the first mission with them, I believe they’ll be calling me back with how well I did in the mission. I hope it happen soon, I just added a few more pretty little babies to my home and I need to keep them all fed.

Isabelle joins the group

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