AA Corporations

These corps often, but not always, have nearly the same wealth and power of the Megacorps and just lack a seat on the Corporate Court (which they won’t get as they are limited to 10 and no one gives his away without a fight). But they also include corporations which are too big to be confined to a single country and also possess extraterritoriality but can’t bring down as much hurt on the PCs as a Mega could (No Thor Shots for AA companies. If you need to ask, Thor Shots are orbital mass drivers many Megas have. The next advance after nuclear weapons. Which the Megas also have).

So lets give a small, by no means comprehensive, overview who the AA corps in Shadowrun are.

Universal Omnitech
Universal Omnitech (UO), a world leader in Genetech and Biotechnology, is a AA corporation headquartered in Vancouver, Salish-Shidhe. It is the largest corporation to be headquartered in Salish-Shidhe. Universal Omnitech is one of the bigger AA Corps around. They focus on biotechnology and genetech. Shiawase once targeted them for a takeover which obviously failed and they also have a rivalry going on with Aztechnology as their president was once a member of them.

Brackhaven Investments
A local Seattle corp run by the current Governor of Seattle and former candidate for UCAS President, Kenneth Brackhaven – UCAS Presidential Election 2057. Kenneth Brackhaven used the company as a vehicle to donate to various political causes in the Seattle area, buying political clout and allies for his eventual campaign bid. They survived Crash 2.0 like a true scavenger, gobbling up weakened competition and buying real-estate at rock bottom prices. Brackhaven Investments now owns a substantial portion of Seattle property.

Spinrad Industries
Monaco based Spinrad Industries lives and dies by the performance of Johnny Spinrad. Heavly cybered because of “sporting accidents” he uses his celebrity status and thrill-seeking events to keep the company in the news and sell its products which, unsurprisingly, is cyberware in all price regions. He once plotted with Michel Beloi, the original owner of Saeder-Krupp against Lofwyr and it is unclear if he still continues after her death.

Zeta-Imperial Chemicals
A huge AA corporation, nearly rivaling SK in size, Zeta-Imp is a swiss based chemical and pharmaceutical company. Know as the most ruthless and environmentally damaging company in Europe it is constantly under fire by law firms and environment groups, not to mention its direct competitor (in more than one category), Saeder-Krupp.

A Shadowrunners favorite health care provider. In times where every health care has been privatized people have to turn to companies like DocWagon for their health care needs. DocWagon not only guarantees that you will be treated, for a premium it also ensures that you will reach the hospital in time even when they have to shoot people to get you there which they do. A lot. With very big guns.

Frankfurter Bankverein
A conglomerate of several banks it is recognized as an AA corporation providing credits and insurances. Once headed by the Great Dragon Nachtmeister until he was killed by Lofwyr in a duel when he tried to cheat.

Lone Star Security Services
The worlds leading rent-a-cop they provide security solutions to entire cities, communities and filthy rich individuals ranging from a lone patrol once a day to a complete drone, magic, mundane and matrix coverage package 24/7. They also offer cheap resocialization services (= prison). Recently they were ousted out of Seattle in favor of Ares owned Knight Errant but kept their prison contract. Still a lot of disgruntles ex Lone Star cops on the street which hate Ares.

Federated Boeing
Boeing is Seattles biggest employer and the worlds 3rd largest aerospace producer behind Ares and SK. While they play nice in America they ruthlessly exploit everything they can get their hand on in Asia.

Sony Corporation
Good old Sony is still around and independent. Not the biggest AA corp out there but still successful in its core business, entertainment and consumer electronics, it recently added some biotech to its portfolio.

Draco Foundation
Not really a corporation the Draco Foundation still has an AA rating. The sole purpose of it was to dispense the items in Dunkelzahns will and fulfill its regulations (among them bounties for specific individuals). They had been given a 7 year plan from Dunkelzahn, but now the 7 years have long since passed and they are still around and wealthy as ever thanks to being able to invest a large portion of Dunkelzahn’s money not claimed (or promised to) anyone.

UCAS Online
UCAS Online is a AA Megacorporation that is by far the largest Matrix Service Provider in the world. UCAS Online focuses on Matrix access and advertising for the “average citizen”, with simplistic and overly-cheery iconography and a supposedly “family-friendly” atmosphere. Because it is so ubiquitous, UCAS Online “throwaway accounts” are used by many deckers for temporary purposes. Also, since the advertising mines all sorts of data from its users, sometimes a decker can find basic personal information among the databases in the main hosts.

AA Corporations

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