AAA MegaCorps

Everyone knows about the Megacorps. Big, scary corporations employing millions, dominating the world etc. etc. The core book already talks about them so lets skip the generalities for the most part and talk about the people in charge of them. I just want to repeat that a Megacorp essentially does everything and the things listed is only their main business. As of 2075, these are the AAA MegaCorps.


Ares is a big arms producers. Everyone knows their small arms and associates it with high quality (except their latest rifle which is less effective than a pile of garbage as garbage does not explode in your hand. Usually.). Apart from that, they also produce big arms and are in the Aerospace and real space business (they bought up Nasa after all). Recently Ares fell on hard times because of internal and external factors, but “hard times” for a Megacorp is still a few billion Nuyen profit.

Damien Knight
A genius with a huge ego (think Tony Stark) who came into possession of a 3rd of Ares and the CEO title with the Nanosecond Buyout. A complicated set of automatic transactions which took the officials days to actually understand which within a minute ruined billionaires, made people millionaires and got him the CEO title of a megacorp. It was hinted that he had the help of Dunkelzahn when programming this buyout.

Rumors say that he is in reality David Gavilan, leader of the Echo Mirage team. The first people who used decks to hack the Matrix and combated a scary virus which destroyed the old internet and had the ability to kill people whos mind was connected to the net.

Recently, Damien Knight focuses a bit too much on Bug Spirits according to some people. Or the bugs focus on him and Ares in general. Probably both.

Arthur Vogel
An environmentalist who holds a slightly larger part of Ares stock than Knight thanks to the will of president Dunkelzahn. This annoyed Damien Knight greatly and both have been at each others throats ever since.
Arthur recently survived a assassination attempt and requires a substantial recovery time and likely cybernetic or cloned replacement limbs.


Aztechnology was created out of several Mexican drug cartels and practically controls Aztlan (Mexico with a Aztec touch. And yes, that includes blood sacrifices). They mainly focus on consumer items and magic and the chance is big that that you buy something from them every day. They were also the masters of PR (out of necessity if you ask me considering they kill people for magic) until Horizon came along, but in the Aztlan-Amazonian war they showed that they still know some tricks to keep the upper hand in the PR battle.

Flavia de la Rosa
Not much is known about the current CEO of Aztechnology. Flavia de la Rosa rose from ordinary citizen to CEO of the worlds 2nd largest Megacorp. A rise that her husband and children did not survive. If anything, this prepared her for the cutthroat action of Megacorp boardrooms.

The creation of Aztlan/Aztechnology and especially their extensive knowledge of blood magic so shortly after magic returned left many people in the shadows wondering if there isn’t someone, or something behind them pulling the strings. But so far no one found anything out and talked about it.


Evo sees itself as the future corp. If there is anything which would further the enlightement and advancement of the metahuman race, no matter how crazy it sounds, Evo has a project team on it. A colony on Mars? Evo has done it. Advanced gene treatments? Evo has them all. Tools for six armed changlings with two thumbs as fingers? Right off the shelf.

The corp started as japan corp Yamatetsu, but when the whole family of shareholders died and left their seat and stock to their only child, a ork, he moved the headquarter to Vladivostok as the Japanese don’t really like to see nonhumans as the head of on of their megacorps (or generally at all).

When you have stopped laughing yes, Buttercup is an actual name. Only that it does not belong to a metahuman but to a free spirit very often taking the form of a 18th year old Japanese girl in traditional clothing who loves mangas. She also owns the largest chunk of EVOs stock, thanks to Dunkelzahn (mentioned quite often in here, isn’t he?) and is a major influence in the Corp.
Yes, board meetings at Evo are fun.

Yuri Shibanokuji
The ork mentioned in the introduction. He grew up in Vladivostok where he owned a restaurant chain, only visiting Japan to get the stocks he inherited and to take the corporate headquarter with him because of the racist sentiments in Japan. He dislikes any form of racism with a passion and used the majority of his life to purge Evo of such sentiments. As an ork he doesn’t live all that long and has to resort to extensive gene treatments to stay alive and able to be chairman of Evo.


Horizon’s rise was nothing but spectacular, going from 0 to Mega in just 3 years (and by having luck with the Crash 2.0). It mainly does advertising and PR for whoever pays them. They are Technomancer friendly (on the surface) and offer citizenships and employment to AIs.

Gary Cline
Horizon has a much flatter company structure, so there are not a few people steering the whole thing. Still, Gary Cline is the CEO, probably mostly because of his media appeal and celebrity status which is quite high, especially considering he is an ork. Still, he is not all sunshine as he often meets with Horizons private black ops team.

Horizons poster AI. He (it?) peacefully resolved a standoff with a other AI which protested being examined and taken apart by researches by aiming biological weapons at them (and everyone else). After that stunt he started a huge PR campaign supported by Horizon for AI rights.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

One of the Japanese megacorps, Mituhama specializes in computers, electronics and entertainment. Apart from that it is the eternal 2nd. 2nd largest corp in Japan, 2nd in heavy industry, 2nd in magic. It has close ties to the Yakuza which explains their security concept which boils down to “Shoot first, keep shooting till you run out of bullets, order new bullets”. They are also the owner of Parashields, the world largets breeder and trainer of paranormal guard animals. So the next time you meet fire breathing guard dogs, think of Mitsuhama. You know, for when you run out of bullets and wait for the new ones.

Samba Oi
Not much is known of the people in charge of Mitsuhama. Samba Oi is the current chairman and he is a Yakuza.

Toshiro Mitsuhama
Current CEO of Mitsuhama. A little bit old fashioned and “traditional” as he uses his son to form a political marriage to keep the board of directors in line. He currently tries comply to the wishes of the emperor (who clearly favors Shiawase, read its entry why) only as much as needed while keeping everything withing the company the way it is.


Neonet is a merger of 3 big corps, Transys Neuronet, Erika and Novatech after the Crash 2.0. They practically invented the wireless matrix which made them super rich and ensured that they are everywhere. Not surprising, their specialty is the Matrix, be it software or hardware.

Richard Villiers
A famous survivor, he was on the board of Fuchi but jumped ship when it went under (thanks to holes drilled by him). Then he was with Novatech when the AI Deus crashed their IPO, killing nearly everyone who wanted to buy their shares and throwing the Matrix into chaos and now because of the mergers he is one of the top persons at NeoNet. Apparently he is a cat filled with helium. Alway landing on his feet and always on top.

It is uncommon that a Great Dragon is not on the top of the food chain, but this is the case with Celedyr who is just head researcher at NeoNet. A position he apparently enjoys as otherwise he would have changed it already. Fascinated by communication, the Matrix is of great interest to him. Among dragonkind he is the current loremaster, something not advertised to humans (including the existence of the title and its function).

Renraku Computer Systems

Life is hard for Renraku. You know, creating a AI which goes around killing people, losing an billion dollar Arcology to said AI and having your CEO die in an attempt to stop it does leave you with a lot of bills and no customers (not that anyone knows about the AI, but covering something like this up costs).

Formerly about computers and the Matrix, Renraku reinvented itself as service provider, using the fact that most databases on the world still use Renraku software and contracts for unparalleled data mining possibilities. If there is something to know about you, your children, their pets and their mothers. Renraku does.

They also still have their Red Samurais, one of the most feared black ops teams of the Megas, to provide a different kind of “service” to intruders.

Orito Sasaki
Orito Sasaki came to the position of president when his predecessor disposed himself by traditional Japanese “knife into stomach” suicide, sepukku. Formerly president of Renraku North America and also growing up there he serves as perfect scapegoat for the necessary transformation to a service provider by blaming all changes like being more humble or allowing religion into the corp on his American upbringing.

Shikei Nakatomi
The brain behind Renrakus new strategy. Orito Sasaki is in the end only a yes man to him. He has a history with NeoNet’s Richard Villiers while they were both with Fuchi which explains why NeoNet is his favorite target. A crusade the other japancorps are just too happy to support.


The biggest Megacorp you will never hear about. Seader-Krupp has its roots in the German heavy metal industry and car manufacturing. As such they mainly deal with heavy industry stuff, something most Shadowruners never deal with except when they have to blow it up. So while it is the largest Megacorp in Shadowrun you hardly see any products of them.

The Great Dragon Lofwyr is the sole owner of SK. Through proxies he acquired the majority of shares for the Megacorp quite quickly after his awakening and booted out everyone else. After all who is going to refuse his request to sell your shares to him? He spends a lot of his time micromanaging SK which explains why no one except maybe another dragon understands its internal structure.

Among dragons Lofwyr is also quite a prominent and powerful individual who until recently held the title of Loremaster, even though he didn’t acquire it the regular way.

Hans Brackhaus
Not a real person but a cover identity assumed by SK agents (rumors say sometimes also by Lofwyr himself) when hiring Shadowrunners for jobs coming from the dragon himself. So you know they will be tough, the pay good and failure will not be accepted. Unless of course it is an imposter. Then the pay will be bad.

Shiawase Corporation

The oldest and 3rd largest Megacorporation, Shiawase is quite revered in Japan as the ruling family managed to marry into the imperial line. It specializes in energy generation and raw resources. Despite all the good luck, the family feud behind the scene continues and there is good money to be made with digging out dirt. Just be careful as you are now potentially going against the entire Japanese state.

Empress Hitomi Shiawase
Technically not a member of the Shiawase board of directors any more she still retains all her stocks and has a proxy taking her chair place. Rumor is that her second child is HMVV infected (= Ghoul, Vampire or worse).

Wuxing, Inc

A Chinese Megacorp (Well, technically Hong Kong, but close enough) which started as import/export business which, together with finance is still their major field of operation. Also they invest a lot of resources in magical research. Their buildings very often tend to be build on ley line crossings and furnished according to Feng Shui (Yes, that works in Shadowrun). So if you want to mess with them move the couch a bit when you are there.

This corporation, too received items from Dunkelzahns will which made their rise to megacorp status possible, not only tons of money but two magical artifacts.

Wu Lung-Wei
President of Wuxing and son of the, now deceased, founder. He studied in Harvard and received the Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire from Dunkelzahn.

Sharon Chiang-Wu
Wu Lung-Wei’s wife. She received the third coin of luck from Dunkelzahns will which promises fertility. She had quintuples with her husband.

AAA MegaCorps

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