House Rules

Character Creation:
1. Initiation / Submersion is allowed at Character Creation (Undefined in the book.)
2. Uncouth disadvantage is not allowed.
3. Dependents disadvantage is no longer +50% training time at all ranks. It’s now 0% at 3 points, 25% at 6 points, and 50% at 9 points (along with the normal lifestyle increases.)

1. Mission Reward Karma/Nuyen can be traded back and forth at a rate of 1 Karma = 2000 Nuyen. A maximum limit of 10,000 Nuyen or 5 Karma can be traded in this way each mission, and must be decided before the next session.
2. You CAN roll 0 dice for ability (i.e. defaulting with 1 in a stat & no ranks). It’s considered an automatic failure and glitch.
3. Healing tests are not treated like normal extended tests (i.e. losing dice each hour/day) or else it can result in “un-healable” damage and drastically increases the chances of hurting yourself (critical glitch) by resting longer (which is stupid.)
4. Any Edge (or Prestige Points) used between sessions (for healing, contact negotiations, initiation, etc…) carries the deficit into the next session regardless of time passed.

1. No Chunky Salsa
2. AOE Attacks are defended normally, but apply a defense dice penalty equal to the number of meters the target is from the edge of the blast
3. Touch spells do not roll unarmed – they “auto touch” and work as normal spells
4. Pepper Punch Toxin is reduced to 6 power
5. Stun Toxins now cause physical overflow at a 3 to 1 rate, meaning 3 stun = 1 physical (to prevent riot gas from becoming the holocaust.)

1. The Physical Barrier Spell uses Force + Hits instead of just hits to determine armor
2. Movement Critter Power on Vehicles: Vehicle speed can be raised or lowered by an amount equal to the net hits (additive speed values in kmph, not speed number – to prevent time travel.)

1. Submersion follows identical rules and costs to initiation for training, using a Software test instead of Arcana.
2. The Fork Program requires you to split your dice between the two targets like every other Multiple attack action (to prevent Double biofeedback death-spikes on one guy.)

Rules Clarifications for quick gameplay reference

Because some of them are confusing and/or conflicting and scattered around the book.

Mana Barriers:

  • Mana barriers on the Physical Plane (only) are invisible (except to astral perception) and act as solid walls for sustained spells moving through them (as well as active Foci, Manifesting entities, and dual natured beings.)
  • Mana barriers on the Astral Plane (only) are hazily opaque on the astral plane (-Force to Assensing Tests) and act as solid walls for active Foci and Astral/Dual natured entities. They do not interfere with spells on the physical plane (sustained or not.)
  • Dual-Natured mana barriers act as both of the above at once.

Multiple Attacks:

  • Only one attack action (simple or complex) may be taken per initiative pass.
  • Multiple attacks may be made with this single action (at multiple targets) by using the “Multiple Attacks” free action, but the dice pool is split between each attack as evenly as possible (after all modifiers added.)
    • This may be done with Thrown weapons, Melee Weapons, or Spells (pg 164), and the limit of attack # is 1/2 the attacker’s skill rating (pg 196).
    • This may be done with all firing modes of guns (pg 164), but requires a gun in each hand and may only fire each one once (pg 196.)
    • This may be done with automatic firing modes of a single gun, but requires both the attack dice, and the defense dice penalty to be split between targets.

Augmented Attribute Maximum:

  • No stat can be raised beyond the Augmented Attribute Maximum of Base Stat + 4 (Pg. 94) by any means (Cyberware, Magic, etc…)
    • A Human with a base strength of 4 purchases a cyberlimb. His Augmented Attribute Maximum is 8 (4 + 4). He could purchase a cyberlimb customized to a 6 strength (Natural Human Limit) and then add 2 additional strength with capacity. He could not benefit from anything beyond an 8 Strength cyberlimb.
    • A Human with a base strength of 1 purchases a cyberlimb. His Augmented Attribute Maximum is 5 (1 + 4). He could purchase a cyberlimb customized to 6 strength (Natural Human Limit) as well, but could only utilize 5 of it. If he raised his base strength to a 2, he could then use the cyberlimb to it’s 6 strength. If his base stat increases further, he could add additional strength with capacity.
    • Any adept can have a maximum of 4 points of Increased Physical Attribute in any one stat. If they also have Cyberware/Bioware, the total bonus cannot be higher than the Base stat + 4.

House Rules

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